Our Services

The Hensley Law Group provides a wide range of transactional and litigation services to governmental agencies.  As city attorneys and agency general counsel, we advise councils, agencies, boards and commissions at public meetings.  We also advise cities and agencies on open meeting laws, public works projects, governmental contracts, conflict of interest laws, public records act requests, elections, planning and land use matters, CEQA, water rights, governmental fees, finance and tax, labor and personnel, police and fire services and the other day-to-day issues that governmental agencies face.

The Hensley Law Group provides litigation and appellate services relating to contract disputes, general tort liability, land use, CEQA, Brown Act, conflicts of interest and writs relating to administrative and legislative determinations made by governmental agencies.  

We are committed to understanding each of our clients' particular needs and goals and working with our clients to determine the best way that we can provide legal assistance to satisfy their needs and achieve their goals.  We value the opportunity to serve each of our clients and work hard to maintain their confidence and trust.

Attorneys of the the Hensley Law Group also serve as City Prosecutors for both civil nuisance and criminal municipal code enforcement, handling enforcement matters from early compliance, arraignments and, if necessary, trial and probation.